Monday, January 29, 2007

Finally... pictures!

This morning I was so proud of my progress on the socks I'm making that I braved the wilderness that I call my bedroom and dug out my webcam! So here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
First we have the darling who will be getting the socks... Amber will be a great big 3 year old on Thursday! Isn't she darling? I apologize for the color quality of my pics, it is a webcam after all. I will get a real digital camera of these days.

And here are some shots of the sock. I should have done the ribbing longer, I was aiming for an anklet, but would have liked it slightly longer. Ah well. We'll see how it works out.

Notice the holes in the heel. I did short row heel without wrapping. I knew there would be resulting holes, but I just wanted to get the basic technique down first. I'll work on wrapping the rows on the next pair I make.

And finally, Amber modeling the sock as it is now...

There! Later today I'll take pics of the bags and other things I've made so you can see my body of work. LOL!
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