Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sade Rocks

I got a package from Sade last week. It was WONDERFUL!

I received Yoga Pants and Top that I'd requested (no pics of those until they look decent on me). I also got:

CardA pretty card with a gorgeous flower (I'm gonna stick it on the wall to remind me that spring will get here some day).

Some earrings made just for me by the awesome Sade.

Scrummy fiber (100% merino) for spinning. It's wet-felting fiber, but it works out well as a sort of pencil roving. She sent me two colors, this red, and the pink/purple.

This is some of the red/cream spun up. GORGEOUS. She also sent me some real Belgian chocolate truffles, which were heavenly mousse-like chocolate covered in a delicate dark chocolate with a dusting of cocoa powder. Oh my... they were heavenly, unfortunately they did not last long enough to get a good picture.

So many many thanks to the wonderful woman (and yes, I will respond to the award soon). She will be getting her own package shipped out in the next couple weeks, too. :D

More knitting posts forthcoming this week, really.