Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look. Over there. To the right. There is LESS THAN A DAY before I go on my vacation. Wow. I'm actually nervous. *sigh* Getting things done here. Or trying to. Charging important electronic equipment (kindle, mp3 player). I'm getting edgy. *sigh* *ack*

I need to get yarn and such. Well, get it together at least. Nice thing is, this is a casual trip. Comfy clothes, nothing fancy. Important things to take: Laptop, MP3 player, Knitting stuff. Contacts. Glasses. Cell phone. Camera and battery charger. TurboFire stuff. Shouldn't take more than my laptop case, my purse, and one other bag for clothes and such. Taking the train, fewer issues.


I really need this vacation. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed, renewed, ready to tackle the world. Or at least get the pesky necessities out of the way. Yeah.

Wow. I can't wait.