Friday, September 9, 2016

Grandma's Slippers pattern is finally fixed!

I posted the pattern for the slippers my (now late) grandmother made years ago.

There was a massive "oops" in the pattern decreases.

Because apparently I was having problems typing and thinking.

But I fixed it. Also happened years ago.

But that's okay, because I finally linked it today.

I really do know what I'm doing... sometimes it just takes a little while to get there.

Enjoy the pattern. Make lots of slippers. Feel free to let me know if my math is off again.

Grandma's Knitted Slippers

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Didja miss me?

Oh Hi! Did you miss me? See, last summer something very interesting happened. I finally got a job in IT again. And OMG I LOVE IT! But I'm working days and running a million places all afternoon and I think I FINALLY got my situation more or less sorted out. So I'm hoping to be back. I have been knitting, and finishing things, and such and sundry. So I'll share later. Right now, I think I'm gonna go knit something.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June! A beautiful Yarny Present to start the summer!

Today, I got the most luscious bit of fiber goodness in the mail...

It came from Camilla Edmond's Etsy Shop, Mountain Girl Yarns. The prices are extremely reasonable. The colors are gorgeous. Shipping rates are beyond low and extremely fast. And when it shows up, you really feel like you got a present in the mail.

My yarn came in a plastic mailing bag, which, upon opening, revealed this...

See! A pretty present, all wrapped up, with a pretty bow and everything. You don't feel like you're just getting a package you ordered, it's a full on "Oooh!" present-opening experience. And there's a thank you card, and a business card in there too!

The back of the thank you card has a bit of quick personalization, which probably took all of 30 seconds to write, but made me feel even more special. It's remarkable what a difference the smallest gestures can make.

After opening up the pretty pink package, I got this! It's a delicious two-ply merino/nylon blend, fingering weight, with a fabulous highly defined twist to it. And the colors... the picture doesn't do them justice. I love the huge variety of color in this skein, as that is specifically what I was looking for. I wanted a variegated handpainted fingering weight yarn, with a high twist. When I poked apart the orangey bit on the bottom of the picture, I found a lovely deep teal. All sorts of colors that manage to not look too busy together and do not get muddy. I can't wait to see how it looks once I wind it into a ball, and then actually knit with it.

And here is the backside of the skein. ALL THE COLORS! 3.5oz, 400 yards of soft, squishy fiber goodness. Oh, and there's a little bit of candy as well. I swear, it really is the little things that make all the difference.

As long as this works up well, I will likely be ordering more from her. I love the idea of my yarn drying in the fresh mountain air of Montana. It just makes me smile. Between great pricing, insanely fast shipping, and stunning quality, this yarn should fill the void that's been in my life for a few years, since my favorite dyer stopped selling.

So, any suggestions as to what I should do with it?