Thursday, September 3, 2009

major life changes

From my facebook...

Suzanne Elizabeth Peters
came home at 2am for lunch to surprise Rick... and was surprised to find him in bed with his female "friend" who I let move in for a while b/c she had nowhere else to go. Not just together... all wrapped up in each others' arms. And th...en he had the nerve to ask me what the problem was. They're leaving as soon as they wake up (didn't want to make a scene while kids are sleeping). Life kinda sucks.

I did have an affair early in the year, but I felt bad about it. Stopped it. And NEVER brought it home. We were supposed to be working things out.

I used to think we'd be one of those couples who grow old together... walking around holding hands when we're 80.

just knowing people care helps some. oddly enough, my supervisors and co-workers at Wal-Mart have been amazingly helpful. I cried on my assistant manager's shoulder for a while tonight, b/c I had nowhere else to go and couldn't really stay here.

I made sure to post on his siblings' and uncle's wall to tell them to check mine... so they know what is really happening right now. Calling his grandma later today, as well as his mother. b/c he was responsible for kids who happen to still climb into bed with us. I'm sure Caleb climbed into bed with *her* there last night, thinking his mommy was there.

Last night was my 3rd night working in a row... and apparently she's been in bed with him every night. Just would move to the sofa before I got home. Caleb was in bed with him when I got home yesterday.

The above is from my facebook status. My side of conversations...

If you read, please reply, so I know who's there. I'm going to need all the support I can get right now.
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