Wednesday, January 20, 2010


And then, the one you thought was going to take care of you turns out to be something else and you move on. And you decide it's time to make drastic changes. And the decisions you make are the hardest you possibly could make, and they hurt like hell, but you make them anyways because you know, you absolutely know that everyone will be better off that way. And people tell you that maybe you should have done things differently, and that maybe you should do something else. And you have to ignore them. You have to remember that when all is said and done, you are on the right path. Right now it might not feel like it all the time, but it's time to set that aside and make sure that things are taken care of. It's time to be responsible and stop letting everyone else take care of things. It's time to take control again. Time to learn to be yourself, apart from those around you. Time to be selfish, and make decisions from the heart and head. 
Time to move on.
And somehow the process of moving on takes you back to your roots. It brings back people from your past. People you can trust. People who knew you before your mistakes. Who still care about you in spite of them. Because they too know that life happens, and it's happened to them too.
So life has come full-circle and you're back where it all began and this time you know better and hope to make better decisions.
Time to start over.
What a ride.
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