Thursday, December 3, 2009

Improving still, I think.

Okay, aside from random crap coming up, like shingles this week (ouch, seriously) I think things are getting better. Dan and I are doing quite well together. The usual speedbumps, like kids not getting along and remembering that I'm not living with the same personality I was before, but we're working through it.

I'm loving spending time home with Caleb every day. He's growing so fast. His speech and comprehension are improving every day. Amber is learning to read. Philip is gradually maturing. Melissa, well, is Melissa, but she's getting to a point where I think we might hit a more settled time. At least she's made a lot of friends, and a few of them are very close. That's a big step for her. As for Dan's son, well for a kid who was the only child of a single dad for the most part for 5 years, he's doing pretty well. His temper tantrums are slowing down, and he's getting over them more quickly. And he hasn't slammed a door in a couple days.

On the divorce front, we have a temporary order in place. I have physical custody, he's paying support (at least, in theory), and he has at least been taking all of his visitation time. It's a holding pattern until March, when I call and schedule our final hearing. Then all will be official, and I will be just me again. Sort of. Someone commented on me not taking my time moving in with Dan after splitting up with Rick, but I pointed out that I waited a full 2 months, and I've known Dan for over a year. Rick moved in with the girl I caught him with immediately, and he'd known her online for a month. So by comparison, I waited a while. And the only reason I did move in is he watches my kids while I work at night, I watch his son after school. Didn't make sense to live in two houses. No, there won't be any wedding bells in the near future. I told Dan if we're still together when we're coming up on 40, we'll talk. It worked for my mom, I can wait.

This has been random and rambling, but that's okay. It's my blog and I'll post what I want to. Later I might just have to post something knitting related, perhaps even with pictures. Maybe.
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