Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things change. Life gets better.

On those days when you think things couldn't possibly get any worse, they often improve a thousandfold. When you're convinced that no one will care for you again, you find out someone could. When you wonder if you will ever be really happy and able to relax again, you find a person who calms you. Whose very existence brings a smile to your face. Granted, you don't hope for a lot, or plan for anything, or expect to get anywhere with it. But briefly, ever so briefly, you can entertain the thought that you will have your life reach some level of normalcy again. The clouds part in spite of the rain. The prospect of hope returns. You acknowledge that there is a sanctuary in the storm. And while you don't know where life will lead you next, you're able to move on, just happy to be alive for a while. No expectations. No promises. Just content with the way things are as long as it lasts. Comfort at last. Kindness. Affection. All smiles and giggles. Feeling giddy again, remembering simpler times. The pain will return, but not for long and not as strong, because you know that there is someone there to help absorb the shock. Someone who cares, and isn't afraid to say so. Someone who also doesn't expect or want any more than is currently available. Who also hopes. Who knows the responsibilities and the pressures and difficulties. You've found a kindred spirit who is happy to share part of the path with you, enjoying without pushing, considerate of situations, and simply glad for the opportunity to be there.

That's where I am.

And it feels really good.
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