Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Pressies to Myself!

Since I knew my hubby wouldn't think to get me anything for Mother's Day, I went to the Glorious LYS and bought myself some stuff. I went in determined to get something *other* than sock yarn, but kept getting drawn back to the sock yarn wall... *sigh* So I finally caved in and bought some Panda Wool Yarn.

The colors are so lovely and calming. They just called to me. I kept getting drawn back to them, so I finally picked them up. It's a bamboo/wool/nylon blend.

I also picked up my Addi Turbo Lace needles they were holding for me, and a set of size 1 Bamboo DPN's. Whee! Now I can knit socks in comfort. I think once I get a set of size 0's and 3's, I'll be fairly set for sock knitting. I have metal needles in 000-1US, so I have those as a backup. I just really don't like knitting on metal. Ah well. The lace needles, of course, are a different story entirely. I have Icarus on my 3's I picked up last time I was in the store, and it's flying along now. The 4's are for the Peacock Feathers Shawl. I ordered another copy of the pattern so I can get the full-sized charts. I have my stitch markers waiting. Hopefully I'll finish Icarus in the next few weeks and get moving on the new shawl. Woohoo!

Last but not least, I bought Sensational Knitted Socks for myself. I figure if I'm gonna be knitting socks all the time, I should have a good basic sock book. Now I can combine patterns and make my own fabo designs!
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