Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm doing stuff

Yeah. Stuff is happening. And tonight, assuming all goes well, I intend to start sorting and cataloging my stash. Then I shall get projects in order. My goal is to work on one old WIP, one sock, one lace, one top at a time. I'm a scattered knitter, so I need several projects OTN at a time.

I'm probably gonna finish a sock project for my WIP first. I have a few to choose from. The lace I'm working on is Anthemion from S/S Knitty. I'm finishing Chart A now, it's coming along well, helping me get my knitting and lace mojo back. The top will  be Waterlily tank. I've had the stuff to make it for a long time, and now's the time to finish it. I know it's cool-weather time, but I like tops like that to wear around the house. And it should be fairly quick to knit. Sort of a monkey on my back. The new sock has yet to be chosen. Probably something simple. I like lace, but have enough complicated stuff going on so a simple sock should work well. And my WIP socks are more complicated.

After Waterlily is done, I will be working on the Eileen cardi from Deep Fall Knitty. Oh, and thrown in there somewhere will be a few Brambles berets. I have loads o' yarn that will work. I think hats are a better idea for my perpetually growing children. When their feet stop growing, they'll get more socks.
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