Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pattern for Posterity

My grandmother has been knitting the same slippers for everyone in the family (as well as craft shows and the like) forever. She's 88 now and not knitting quite so much, and has passed the pattern along. I've received it at least 3 times (because I keep losing it). This time, I put it into PDF format so it can be easily viewed. In re-typing it, I think I managed to make the instructions a tad bit more clear. I will update the file with a picture as soon as I make a pair.

Right now I'm m making a pair out of this random Sherlock yarn I got from April during a de-stash by her. They'll be Philip's, turning out rather cool and tweedy looking.

The ever-helpful Sade has made the pattern available on her server. Thank you darling!

In other news, I have posted tons of photos of knit items (including a finished Icarus) to my flickr account, so you should go to my photo page if you want to see them.

Also, my computer got a major memory upgrade today (from 128mb to 1GB), so I will be able to do more from this point on. Yay!
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