Friday, March 23, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Friday!

I finally have some yarn Pr0n! I went to the glorious LYS this week, and got the most wonderfully soft yummilicious cotton. It's Patagonia Nature Cotton by Araucania Yarns, in a luscious shade of blue, as seen here.
I'm making it into the Bunny Blanket Buddy. It'll be the perfect gift for a little boy who will have 3 big sisters when he's born in May. Very cuddly and soft and littly boy blue.

Next, we have the green laceweight in Eucalyptus. April sent it to me, and I'm using it to make Icarus. Here is a piccy of the full ball, all wound up, nice and close. It's a little sticky, but it's working well on my Addi Natura needles. A good way to start knitting lace, I think! And Icarus is the ideal beginners lace pattern. It's very basic at the beginning, giving plenty of time to build confidence before getting into the difficult stuff.

Here's Icarus so far, right now we have the Barbie shawl size. I like the way the variegation is working in the pattern so far. No real pooling, looks pretty good, I think! Not so bad for a lace-knitting-noob, eh?

Oh! I bought Knit-wit not too long ago so I could get the kid-sized pattern for Fuzzy Feet. After getting the book, I noticed that Cascade 220 was used in several of the patterns. So while at the LYS, I picked up a skein. And now I know why it's so popular!

My skein is a delightful shade of Heathers, a lavender-lilac-type color. It has some great spots of blueish-purple, too. And it's so soft and snuggly. I can't wait to see how it ends up working out in the socks! I'm making these ones for Amber, I think. Then once I get the technique down I'll make pairs for others in the family.

And finally, a ball of leftover sari silk that I bought from the amazing Stephanie at The WoolPeddler. I used it to make Unbiased, and have this ball leftover. I'm gonna make a camera-case-holder out of it. I just love the way the silk shines - the glow is simply the sun reflecting off the yarn in the picture. I didn't do any real modification of the picture at all! It's that wonderfully shiny.
Coming up next... Artsygal Yarn Porn!
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