Friday, July 20, 2012

What day is it again?

Monday... was completely, utterly, and thoroughly Monday. From Midnight to Midnight, just about.

Tuesday started out okay, sort of... mostly recovery from Monday, called in to work, followed with a family birthday party, celebration of a friend's anniversary, and the night spent hanging out at an ER in town (not me, she's fine, no worries). But yeah.

Which meant Wednesday was recovery from Tuesday. Honestly don't remember the day much. Seriously.

Thursday was better. Shopping, work, nice dinner on the grill, followed by a good time hanging out with a friend in the middle of nowhere, and the revelation that all Military Men, when Home on Leave, sound Exactly The Same. And the necessary call to an old friend to point this out to him. He was amused.

Today... was a Monday Friday. Started okay, got a bit rough around the edges. Struggled through it, overcame random issues, managed to have some fun around the snags.

And now... it's quiet. I'm able to relax. Ate dinner, and will be able to spend the evening enjoying myself. The weekend should be quietly pleasant.

Tomorrow is Saturday, right?
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