Monday, January 2, 2012

Ob-la-di ob-la-da Life Goes On...

Had today off... disorienting, at best. Tomorrow kids go back to school and I get myself pulled back together. On Wednesday I start my new job - orientation. I'm excited. Still figuring out my head, but still have more clarity than I've had in years.

My cell phone - a loverly Samsung Google Nexus S - died today. Puppies were playing and knocked my coffee over onto it. Ugh. So it is sitting in rice now. We shall see if it starts tomorrow. I hope it does. I like that phone. Although my beloved actually *cheered* when he heard that it wasn't working. It's okay though - it's just a phone.

We have snow. Winter is finally here as it should be. And for that I'm grateful. I like winter.

So one day ends and the next is about to begin, and life continues marching along. And I'm marching along with it.
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