Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So here's the story...

I HAD a pro account through flickr. And I was going to renew it. But then I see that Yahoo is allowing M$ to court them for the buy (and actually is now willing to accept the original offer made this spring). SO I figure that I'm going to keep away from it for the time being.

But I have MORE than 200 pictures.

And I want more control.

So I talked to the amazingly wonderful and beautiful Sade and her equally fabulous b/f Devil Kitten and they gave me space on their server. DK even installed a gallery program for me so I can easily manage my pictures.

I will gradually be editing and uploading all my pictures. They will be found at I will still link 'em here, but they won't be originating on flickr any more. Yay for not being stuck with corporate stuff! I'm keeping the blog here, though. Just more convenient, and I don't see Google getting rid of it any time soon. Heh.
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