Monday, February 12, 2007

WIP Update!

First of all, I finished the second sock for my daughter! I now wish I'd made the socks longer (instead of anklets) as they slide down off her heel as they are. Oh well. Live and learn!
Now I'm going to work on a pair of socks for MYSELF with some Lion Brand Magic Stripes that I was gifted by my Aunt. I just need to figure out what sock pattern to use! I'll be using the spring color of the yarn, and want to do a short-row sock (as I don't like heel flaps even on a good day, esp. when using patterning yarn). Any suggestions will be welcome!
I do have a sock in Knit Picks Pallette (Pool) color that I'm working on with my 000 needles. It's funny to go from a size 000 to a size 50 (for the fuzzgly afghan). Toothpicks to broomsticks! I have the button for Calorimetry, but need to get a new needle to sew it on with - my tapestry needle is too big for the button. Ugh.
One of these days everything will fall together.
OH! I ordered a set of Addi Natura bamboo circular needles this weekend! They're size 3's so I can work on a pair of boot socks (from Knit Picks site) for my hubby. Those will be in either wool-ease or KP's Swish yarn. Depends on when I'm ready to make them - if I have time/money to order the swish, I'll use that, as that's a superwash and what KP recommends for the pattern.
I'll post more tonight!
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